Foods you’ve been eating all wrong

Jennifer En
As someone who spends a majority of her time thinking about food, I’m always happy to figure out new ways to make eating easier. Efficiency minimizes waste. That means you get to eat more of what you love and it makes you feel present. By paying attention to how you’re preparing and eating your favorite foods, you get to exercise mindfulness come meal time, which is always a good feeling. Whether you’re simply peeling a banana or devouring classic spaghetti, you can always benefit from having a few tricks in your back pocket. Read on, food friends.

While it may seem intuitive to cut a round cake into wedges, this is not the ideal method if you want to keep the crumb moist for another day. When you leave an open triangular gap, you might find it difficult to cover for refrigeration. The result is dry, unsavory cake the next day.

Instead, try cutting a long, thin piece out of the middle of the cake. To do this, cut a straight line across the cake a little to one side of center. Next, make another parallel cut on the other side of the center. Now you have a thick rectangular slice that can be easily cut in half. Check out the video above for a visual aid.

Ice cream for a crowd
Scooping ice cream can require more elbow grease than you think, especially when the container is taken directly from the freezer. All this fine and not too taxing when you’re just serving yourself. However, when you’re serving ice cream to a crowd, you want to conserve energy and still dole out frozen treats efficiently.

If you find yourself needing to serve ice cream for a big group, try a different approach. Place a cylindrical ice cream container on a sturdy cutting board. Using a sharp chef’s knife, cut the ice cream in half all the way to the bottom of the container. Working in batches, place one half cut-side down on the cutting board. Remove the container material and slice the ice cream crosswise to create perfect individual servings. You really only want to commit to this if you’re sure you’re using the entire thing, but who doesn’t have room for more ice cream?

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