Leading the way: Customer Flow Management with Orchestra from Qmatic, Capitec Bank

Capitec Bank strives for simplified banking. With its innovative technology, such as fingerprint biometrics and photo identification, adding the Qmatic Customer Flow Management System was instrumental with ensuring clients are identified and assisted in over 520 Capitec branches.

“In accordance with the bank’s focus on accessibility and personal service, the new Queue System supports more orderly, efficient service, with an ability to ensure waiting times and any inconveniences experienced by clients [are avoided],” says Carl Fischer, Exec Marketing and Corporate Affairs: Capitec Bank.

“With the implementation of Orchestra, Customer Flow Management adds exceptional benefits and features to banking with Capitec Bank,” says Eugene Swanepoel, Managing Director of Emerge Customer Flow Management (Emerge Queue).

“The Queue System supports relationship building as service staff can now easily interact with waiting clients, based on their expressed service needs. By building better personal relationships with their customers, they are able to understand the customers’ needs better and help them manage their financial lives better,” Fischer adds.Emerge Queue promotional image 4

Visiting the branches is a unique experience, where the focus is on finding the best solution, and this facilities initial interactions and quick transaction times.

The client walks into the branch and selects a service from the ticket printer. The client is then able to proceed to a general waiting area, thus eliminating standing in a linear queue.

Multiple displays inform the client on where to go and when. The Capitec consultants are informed as to the service required and are readily prepared for the customer, therefore decreasing the transaction time.

Management is able to view a live dashboard with an instant view of the situation in the branch and the amount of customers, and therefore have the opportunity to either increase or decrease consultants during peak/off peak times.

“Access to the information drives better customer service and efficiencies for Capitec Bank,” Swanepoel adds.

Capitec Bank is able to manage the flow of customers and their experience, from initial contact to final service delivery, with the implementation of Qmatic Orchestra.

The benefits to implementing a Customer Flow Management solution from Emerge Queue are:

* Increased customer satisfaction
* Increased processing capacity and operational efficiency
* Increased staff satisfaction
* Opportunity for increased revenue

Emerge Queue has been representing Qmatic within South Africa and surrounding countries since July 2009, and was awarded ‘the first partner to complete the Certified Partner Programme’ worldwide, which was awarded in September 2011 in Sweden, and recently became a Premium Partner of Qmatic.

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