Things you never thought to add to your ice cream

Ice cream is a guilty pleasure for a lot of people, and in 2016, analysts compiled around 30 million Tweets about ice cream to find out just what was each state’s favorite flavor. Chocolate and vanilla were such overwhelming favorites that they weren’t even counted in the final numbers, while others — strawberry, brownie, and cookie dough — are probably on your list of favorites, too. Sometimes you’re in the mood for something a little bit different, though, and ice cream is the perfect canvas to create a whole variety of different tastes, combinations, and flavors.


Coffee ice cream might be on the list of favorite flavors for states like California, Colorado, and Oregon, but even if you’ve had — and love — coffee ice cream, you may have never considered dishing up a dessert with actual coffee. According to this recipe from Fine Dining Lovers, that’s exactly what you need to do. They suggest starting with homemade vanilla ice cream with real vanilla pod and seeds, but honestly, that’s not necessary. It’s the espresso you’re probably going to be interested in, and they say a dish of ice cream with piping hot espresso poured over it is the way to go. The combination of hot and cold is an amazing win, and it’ll transform even that tub of vanilla ice cream into something much more fun.

Fried chicken
In 2016, Japan unveiled an absolutely delectable dessert at their Karaage Festival, a whole event dedicated to fried chicken. As you can probably guess, that dessert was fried chicken ice cream, and once the idea got out, the Western world was not going to be without it.

Coolhaus, a food truck dedicated to serving up the best — and weirdest — types of ice cream, came up with their take on fried chicken and waffles ice cream and yes, it calls for actual fried chicken skins along with some familiar seasonings — like sage and cayenne — and real maple syrup. It’s a guaranteed win with anyone who likes fried chicken, and if you’re looking for something completely out-of-this-world to bring to the summer’s inevitable string of backyard barbecues, this might just be it.

Alternately, you can whip up some fried chicken and caramel sauce to drizzle over any kind of ice cream you want. Saveur has a recipe for this bizarrely tasty ice cream topping, and it’s safe to say it’s going to change your idea of what belongs on an ice cream sundae.

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